An augmented reality book based on
                the novel by Charles Dickens
This enchanting book brings to life the famous Gothic novel like never before and immerses 
us in the Dickensian foggy world of Victorian London where spooky things happen, quite literally, right before your very eyes!
the book
The book is an illustrated picture book based on the classic tale A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens enhanced with features of augmented reality. Fans of Dickens well know that his novels are all about the atmosphere and ambiance so the part the augmented reality plays in this book is  subtle and ethereal, it is used to enhance the eerie atmosphere and Gothic nature of the book in a non intrusive but appreciative way. 
Augmented reality uses known features from an image in order to place a virtual camera in the world. Using this camera we can overlay three dimensional objects over a smartphone or tablets camera view and enhance the children's book experience with magical characters & effects.


about us
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Jo Surman

Jo joined Mean Genie in 2011 from a background in graphic design that included designing interactive multi media systems for heritage sites, illustrating and creating 3D animations for children's television for both the BBC and Channel 4 and working as an artist in the computer games industry creating artwork for popular games and children's educational games.

Jo went back to studying and gained a Masters degree in illustration with distinction in which she developed her knowledge of book design, augmented reality technology and broadened her illustration style and techniques. 



Rob Mann

Rob created Meangenie in 2011. As well as working in the biotechnology industry developing vision systems for the life sciences, Rob has an established career spanning 20 years managing technical teams and developing computer games for major platforms such as Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo. He is also a STEM ambassador & volunteers his time to help schools & teachers engage children in learning science, technology, engineering & mathematics.


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